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Nick Hogan Has Become The First Male Victim Of The Celeb Nude Photo Hackers

It was bound to happen and it finally has! A dude has finally gotten his private parts exposed to the entirety of the internet. And his name would be Nick Hogan. TMZ is reporting that hackers discovered a plethora of images in Nick's iCloud, some of which are of various girlfriends and others feature the man himself. The weirdest part of the story is that it seems some photos of Nick's mom Linda, clad in a g-string bikini, have also arisen thanks to the hack. What's worse is that Nick claims to have kept every photos he's ever taken or that's been sent to him. That library goes all the way back to his high school years, which means some of the nudes are bound to feature people who were underage at the time they were taken. If that's true, it shouldn't be long before we've got a child pornography case on our hands. And, just like several of his female counterparts, Nick is claiming that several of the pics, which the hackers claim to feature Nick's dong, aren't actually of him.
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