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25 Random Acts of Kindness

Real friends are made of this, We rise by lifting others. Here are 25 Random Acts of Kindness. Everyone deserves a little kindness. Subscribe to Talltanic 15 - If you can be one thing – be kind… This striking image shows a group of soldiers using their bodies as a bridge to help rescue these people from floods. 14 - Pass it on… The note is pretty self-explanatory, but what a wonderful surprise for the owner of this truck, who must have been in a state of shock when he realized that a total stranger purchased an entire set of new tires for his truck. There really are some amazing people in the world. 13 - It’s the little things… I know we can’t all afford to randomly buy a stranger new ties for their truck, when you’re in desperate need of your own – but seeing this image makes you realize that an act of kindness doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive thing – but can be the smallest gestures, just like this one. 12 - We rise by lifting others… Another lovely example of a small act of kindness going a lot way… by simply helping an elderly lady carry her heavy parcels. It might be inconsequential to you, but to her – it meant the world. 11 - Help yourself… These friendly people decided to spread the love by ensuring that anyone that passed who was thirsty was able to have a drink of water. Who knows, something who was possibly having a terrible day has been given a reason to smile because of the kindness of others. 10 - Be Kind to everyone.. There were so many beautiful examples of people rescuing animals, it was hard to choose one – and I was glad to be in that position – because kindness extends to every living creature, not just humans. 9 - Real friends are made of this… This guy has some incredible friends, doesn’t he? He has cancer, and his all his school mates shaved their heads to show their support for him. 8 - Kindness changes everything… And it couldn’t be truer in this case. This lucky woman received a $1000.00 tip from a very generous stranger, affording her an opportunity that would otherwise never have been possible. Let’s hope that she took that once in a lifetime trip to Italy. 7 - Restore your faith in humanity… I hope you feel that way after watching this video. This series of photographs shows the sheer determination of these guys to rescue this sheep. Just goes to show that hero’s come in all shapes and sizes! 6 - Doesn’t take much… How amazing is this simple act of kindness by many? Lifting this disabled man up so he can view this concert is most inspiring, and this is one night he’ll remember for the rest of his life – not just for the concert, but because of the kindness of others! 5 - It’s not just about winning… This athlete made sure that a fellow competitor crossed the finish line, after injuring herself in a track race, and the entire moment was caught on camera to keep us inspired. 4 - Always be kinder than you feel… This is such a special note to receive, and it can sometimes be challenging to be a parent – but then you blink and you realize how quickly it’s all gone, when like this writer, your kids are already teenagers. So enjoy every cuddle, hug and smell of your little baby – as it goes by so fast. 3 - Kindness is free… That’s the beauty about it! There’s a great saying that goes along the lines of Be the change you want to see in the world… It sounds so simple doesn’t it? 2 - No credit needed… Often people feel the need to splash their good deeds all over social media, but that’s really not needed. It’s a personal thing, and just like this man didn’t do it for the recognition – he’s simple act of kindness was noticed in the best possible way. 1 - Everyone deserves a little kindness… This postman got this pleasant surprise whilst doing his regular route, and he happily shared this lovely gesture.
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