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Ukulele: Beginner easy songs - 4 easy chords, 10 songs

More tips: Strumming patterns beginner: Ukulele easy songs - 4 easy chords, 10 songs Hey there! This video lesson is a quick start guide to get a beginner up and running on the ukulele in less than 10 minutes. This is made for beginners but if you already know the chords, you might be interested in learning the songs too so stick around. I also go over the chunking technique I use. Songs featured in this video: Howie Day - Collide Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Train - Hey Soul Sister U2 - With or Without You Blink 182 - Dammit Adele - Someone Like You Maroon 5 - She will Be Loved Tears for Fears/Gary Jules - Mad World Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks MGMT - Kids Strum patterns Collide - D___D_DU_UD_DUDU I'm Yours - xUDUxUDU Hey Soul Sister - D_DUDUDUDUDUDUDU The rest are D_DU_UDU or something very similar. I thought these songs would be good for a beginner to learn because they are popular and easy to sing and play. Have fun! beginner: Ukulele easy songs - 4 easy chords, 10 songs
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