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The automatic pricing entry FXP creates a transitional stored ticket (TST) which contains all the information necessary to issue a ticket. A maximum of 10 TSTs are allowed for each passenger with different portions of the air itinerary. Multiple TSTs must be created with segment association. Ticketing is requested by selecting TST and/or Segment Numbers when more than one TST has been created. When the system can not price the PNR, you can manually create a TST with the TTC entry. The response to this entry is an empty ticket panel. The following is a list of existing TST pricing indicators: I IATA Auto Priced Fare B Negotiated Fare (When TST has been manually manipulated) A SATA Ticketing F Negotiated Auto Priced Fare (Updated by an Airline) G Negotiated Fare Updated by Consolidator M Manual Priced Fare N Manual Priced Fare T Auto Priced Inclusive Tour Fare W NO Fare Calculation Check Against Itinerary
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