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BlueGreen Vacations Timeshare Scam Warning!!!!

BlueGreen Vacations Timeshare Scam Warning!!!! 4 Night Carnival Cruise priced the same as! Don't Fall For This... Disclosure: This review is my experience only. Results may vary for others. Bluegreen Vacations 4960 Conference Way N #100, Boca Raton, FL 33431 Phone:(561) 912-8000 Maps Location: Here's an honest review of my experience with BlueGreen Vacations. Please watch this video, leave your thoughts and comments, and share with others. I paid $150.00 to Bluegreen Vacations at the mall last year. I was told I would receive a 3 night stay at a nice resort, and a 4 night cruise with Carnival (Sound Familiar)? My job was to complete a 2 hour timeshare tour on the second day of my resort stay, and after completing, I would receive a 4 night cruise voucher. We drove 2 hours from Orlando, FL to St. Petersburg, FL to stay at the Bilmar Beach Resort. We were suppose to stay from Sunday to Wednesday, but ended up coming in a day early on Saturday (4 nights). We were told on the phone it would be an upgrade of half off for that night (about $75) but when we got their, the hotel staff made us call Bluegreen to confirm this in writing and fax over the paperwork. Bluegreen contacted them, and sent them a conformation number. We were given the hotel key for our 4 night stay. BlueGreen then calls my phone telling me to authorize the room for $159 (more than the cost of the room), then after arguing dropped it to $143 (the same cost of the room) with a $25 Visa gift card coming in the mail to me (I already got that when I signed up). What happened to half off? By the way, we also had to pay $107 in resort taxes and fees for the 4 nights. I decided to call BlueGreen and discuss the true cost of the 4 night cruise before attending the Timeshare tour. She told me it would be a total of $373.00 which included taxes and port fees, plus $96 in tips ($12 per day, per guest, per night). Thats a total of $469.00!!! We left the resort, drove back to Orlando, and just enjoyed the rest of our day. COST TO GET INVOLVED: $150.00 COST FOR THE RESORT STAY: $250.00 (Should have been $178.50) COST FOR THE CRUISE: $469.00 TOTAL COST: $869.00 Glad we did not fall for this all the way and pay for the cruise! Get this. I called Carnival directly, and she said for the exact same thing, I would pay $517.00 directly through them, which included the taxes, port fees, and tips would only be $292.00, yet with BlueGreen, they are making me pay $469.00 for the exact same thing. I rest my case. More Complaints on BlueGreen Vacations: Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: Got a Complaint against BlueGreen Vacations ?Let them know on their Facebook BlueGreen Vacations Google +: This video contains information regarding Tips for Avoiding Timeshare Scams, Timeshare Investigations, BlueGreen Vacations, Getting rid of your timeshare problems, Treasure Island, FL, Timeshare resale fraud, vacation rental scams, travel scams, cruise scams, travel discounts, Im on vacation, vacation nightmares are also related to this video. Subscribe: Share this video to warn others: Add me on Facebook at The company I work for offers great benefits and deals. MCA is an awesome company. They offer 15% off major hotels, and up to 50% off rental cars at all major rental car companies. Check out the website at . They also offer an $80 referral fee program.
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