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Ukulele Tenor Comparison: Mahogany, Koa & Lacewood-Spruce

Here is a comparison of Ukulele Tenors: 1) Anuenue Papa III - Mahogany with Black Orca Flourocarbon Strings 2) Kamaka HF-3 - Koa Solid with Kamaka Black Strings 3) Kala KA-ASLAT - Spruce top, Solid Lacewood with Aquila Nylgut strings Three different tones, one brighter sound than the other, I guess is a question of taste. The song I was playing was the first part of Guatanamera. I just got the Anuenue so the strings are new I will most likely do a test with Aquilas to see how that changes the tone. Thanks for looking, good luck picking out your Uke.
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