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Photograph (Cover) by Ed Sheeran

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I'M BAAAACK! I took a bit of a hiatus to finish up my last year of college, travel a bit and move a couple times. But, now I am back and with my cover of Ed Sheeran's Photograph. My love for this song is real. So very real. Was anyone else getting annoyed by the fly?? Anyways thank you so so so much for watching! It means more than you know to me. Please feel free to hit that little like button, share this video with your friends or even tweet it out, it really does help a ton. Also, feel free to subscribe and/or follow me on social media, I would love to talk to you :) Want to purchase this cover? You can do so right here!: Original EP "A Beautiful Mess": Social Media: Talk To Me! Instrumental track by Sing2Piano
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