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Beatles Rooftop Concert

The Liverpool Legends Beatles Tribute band performed on the rooftop of the Durty Nellies Pub in 2005 (with their previous bassist) recreating the Beatles final live performance. I edited and recorded the project to represent the original footage. I operated the stage left camera; my friend Paul was the CU stage right camera and my friend Zack was operating the wideshot camera. "The afternoon of January 30, 1969, the Beatles surprised a central London office lunch crowd with an impromptu concert on the roof of the Savile Row Apple headquarters." "Before the outing was abruptly cut short by police who objected to the noise, the band (with a little help from young keyboardist Billy Preston) had managed to thrill Londoners on adjacent rooftops and the streets below with a run-through of songs they had been rehearsing with a vague album in mind. The rooftop concert was the first live gig since the band stopped touring in 1965." The song list included: Get Back (1st Version) Get Back (2nd Version) Don't Let Me Down (1st Version) I've Got A Feeling (1st Version) One After 909 Dig A Pony God Save The Queen I've Got A Feeling (2nd Version) Don't Let Me Down (2nd Version) Get Back (3rd Version)
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