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I was quite hopeful someone would produce an affordable tenor resonator ukulele that would be a ResoUke myth buster instrument at an affordable price. For those of you that have been a bit ResoUke Phobic ( and for good reason ) this nicely done ResoUke by Kala this year ought to be an easy decision and a straight out of the box, to great music uke for you. The projection on the uke is just wonderful. Very loud, but not just loud without quality tone. IMHO, a delightful choice for you Claw Hammer ukulele players as well. This little uke can easy be found playing any and all styles and genre of music with ease. Quite possible could become the go to uke for all around use to a very large audience of players. Well made, looks real nice with that old vintage look and feel. It has a very nice ghostly sound that is sought after very delicately by resonator fanciers. A very easy player with intonation and tonal balance and note distcintion far better than I expected. I got mine at Uke Republic. They'll go fast, so jump on in here with the Coneheads and you'll likely be one happy strummer.
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