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Drawing at an Eminem concert. The audio on this video is awful, but maybe that adds to it's charm. If you actually want to watch good footage of the concert though maybe don't watch this video, there were tens of thousands of cameras in the room and plenty of other people have uploaded really, really great footage infinitely better than this. This is really just my own little documentation of the times I took a moment to hang back a bit and make a drawing, ___ I couldn't get a ticket to the Eminem concert. I pictured him looking for me from the stage like a boy at a school play realizing he can't see his parents in the audience. Ha, however as I'm Eminem's biggest fan ("I even got the underground shit that he did with Skam"), I decided I would go to the stadium and try and listen from the outside. I was going to do this with some friends but they had all managed to buy tickets off of eBay for I think 190 each, which meant not only would I be standing outside the concert but I'd be doing it by myself. As I wandered around the stadium for a while just doing a bit of people watching, because Eminem sure brings in an interesting crowd, a scalper tried to sell me a ticket for $300. I couldn't pay that and so I told him "no thanks", but it got me to thinking that maybe these guys would get more desperate as the night goes on. I only had ten dollars on me so I found an ATM and got out $100 (well, plus a $2.50 transaction fee) and then I went back to the stadium to see where that would get me. Unbelievably using that $110 I ended up wearing a wristband that got me into the "Lose Yourself zone". I can't describe how happy I was just to be inside the stadium, so it's hard to explain how happy I was to be right near the front. Ha, it was like a fairy tale. Anyway as I had a trusty drawing pad with me I found a spot to sort of hang back at and during points of the show, while being bumped around and as I rapped and danced with my fellow gangsters I worked on the drawing. I had to be cautious choosing when to film as from the beginning I only had 17% battery. Most of the time though I wasn't drawing or filming, I was enjoying myself way too much for that, and so basically most of the time I was just doing what the other people you can see in this video are doing. I did a bit of weaving through the crowd and got much closer while he performed Without Me, and when he did "I need a Doctor" I was as close to the front as I could get while wearing my big old back pack. It was just insane. I still just can't believe I got in, and so close to the front, with no ticket, for $110. Unbelievable. What a night. I guess there's a slim shady in all of us. Copyright Kenny Pittock 2011
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