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Time-lapse: MTS Centre, Winnipeg change over from concert to large event

This is a time-lapse of the process of changing the MTS Centre over from a concert (in this case it was Journey) to a large event, How to Train Your Dragon. Timing: 0s: 10:15pm, camera 1 - Journey concert ending (last 5 minutes of show) Clean up starts, speakers taken down 25s - from about -3am - camera 2, showing side shot of stage take down and floor clean up (lots of confetti used) - camera 1, this is at about 8am, crew brings in equipment and starts to create floor - camera 2, at about 10am, floor creation continues - camera 4, 3pm-7pm construction continues on large track rig (to move around dragons) - camera 2, 9am next day, lighting rig set up and testing of lights begins - camera 3, 1pm, more dragons are brought out, set up and tested, there is a press preview event on the floor camera 2, 5pm aprox, set up and testing for the massive video projection system is done camera 2, 9am, first show day, set up of lights and dragons continues to aprox a full dress rehearsal - camera 1 - 6:30pm aprox, people start to come in for the first show - camera 1, the show starts! - camera 2, intermission and second half starts - camera 2, show ends, people file out
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