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AFSBO: Save Your Money...For Your Honey

Save your money for your honey by listing items for $1 on Anything For Sale By Owner was launched in Times Square, New York City, and Philadelphia on October 25, 2007. Watch as a street team of mobile marketers passes out 5,000 one dollar bills and a team of crazy sign spinners entertains passers-by. Anything For Sale By Owner is the world's first browse 'n buy eMarketplace based on the age-old "for sale by owner" (FSBO) concept where listings are commission-free and sellers keep more profits. is better than eBay and better than craigslist. The site is built for speed with fast load times and a sleek user interface. Buy and sell houses, cars, trucks, electronics, tickets, sporting equipment, collectibles and anything else. As a special promotion, sellers can list any item FREE and enter to win an iPhone for a limited time. Sign spinners Spinning Human directional Aerobatics Marketing Arrow advertising Money Rich Sell Buy AFSBO FSBO Anything Sale Emarketplace Internet Better Ebay Craigslist Acrobatics Launch New York Philadelphia Times Square Buck Dollar Money Free Interview Walk Iphone Profit Apple Car Truck Event Entertainment Houses Homes Rent Cars DVD Video Coins Rocky Philadelphia Art Museum Movie Reuters Sign Mobile Marketing
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