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15 Hottest Red Headed Female Celebrities

# 15 Hottest Red Headed Female Celebrities : The Ginger is an elusive creature who lives in constant fear of the Great Big Sun. The very ball of fire that chases the red-haired-rebel round the Earth with evil intentions. The Sun is the seeker of the Ginger – the one who wishes to burn the fair-skin of the species and freckle it beyond repair. The Damaging Demon of the Sky. According to myth: the Ginger is soulless – an existential being roaming around in an absurd world searching for some small glimmer of hope to hang onto until the biological clock runs out and the bittersweet moment of death arrives. Where does the Ginger go when he/she dies? Heaven? Hell? Perpetual Purgatory? The one’s who live without a soul must die without purpose – damned to eternal nothingness while all the pretty blondes and brunettes dance with the angels and sip wine with Saint Peter. Those of us who have not been blessed/cursed with a set of fiery locks must enjoy the time we spend with our Ginger friends. Get drunk and go out fighting with all your Irish buddies. Kiss each and every freckle of a ragtag red-haired lover. Get high on the couch and laugh at Conan O’Brien. Curse your Creator – for the afterlife will be void of any redhead you have ever loved. Which is why we are here to embrace the beautiful fair-faces of some lovely redheaded women. There is not time for man. The male is too vicious and vile for compliments and courtesy – regardless of his hair color. Therefore, let’s take a look at some top-notch Ginger Gals. These are the top 15 hottest female redheads: 15. Nicole Kidman 14. Kate Mara 13. Florence Welch 12. Ellie Kemper 11. Alyson Hannigan 10. Gillian Anderson 9. Lauren Ambrose 8. Angie Everhart 7. Nicola Roberts 6. Julianne Moore 5. Lindsay Lohan 4. Amy Adams 3. Christina Hendricks 2. Jessica Chastain 1. Emma Stone Source Staff : therichest
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