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❤️ Elaine Hau - Jaine Vlog IV: Day 11&12 Bruno Mars Concert 🎤 Hakkasan Tiesto 👯 New Year 🎊 Omnia 🎉

Places that we went: Day 11 Gladstone's Noodles Bellagio Monte Carlo Hakkasan Nightclub Day 12 Noodles Old Homestead Steakhouse Omnia Nightclub **這不是一個贊助的視頻,我用我自己的錢購買的。 **This video is not sponsored. I purchased the items with my own money. 感謝您的收看!!! Thank you for watching!! 記得 follow 我 instagram @littleelainehau Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @littleelainehau Snapchat: littleelainehau Facebook Page: IG Shop: xoxo Elaine Hau
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