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Hallelujah - Marina Strah cover

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Hi friends and strangers! Welcome back!! I'm sorry I've been pretty much nonexistent lately. School has been kicking my butt this year. But don't worry! I'm back now and you can't get rid of meeee! I'm going to do my best to start posting videos every Thursday from now on...Hopefully I can stick to it (don't hate me if I fail miserably!). BUT for next Thursday's video, I'm going to fill you guys in on all the crazy exciting things I have going on in this weird life of mine. It involves lots of music, some music, and more music..and music. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this cover. I originally covered it about two years ago and people (specifically my mother and my roommate, Beth) have been begging me to redo it for a loooong time haha so I finally got around to it. My voice has changed so much, it's hilarious. I couldn't even make it all the way through my old cover when I tried watching it the other day. Peek at that one first if you haven't seen it yet! Okay, that's all I have for now! I hope you guys like what you hear and subscribe for more! I'LL SEE YOU ALL BACK HERE THIS TIME NEXT WEEK! Can't wait to share my news with you all:) Much love, Marina:) Here's the link to my old cover of Hallelujah (don't laugh too hard) Twittah machineee: Da Facebooker: Instagroom:
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