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Taeyeon (태연) - 11:11 Piano Instrumental Cover

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pls marry me Taeyeon. On a more serious note, I'm always very hesitant to cover songs by artists like Taeyeon or Aimer, because using an instrument to cover their voice feels almost offensive. Anyway, I managed to make this cover yesterday after not having touched the piano for almost three weeks. I really love Taeyeon and her music, so hopefully you guys enjoy! Cover was improvised and made very simple with instrumental in mind, so there are no piano sheets, unless someone really really wants it... I also just realized this is only the second instrumental I have done, and the first for a kpop song. If you enjoyed the cover, don't forget to leave a like and subscribe! Thanks for watching Song: Artist: Taeyeon / 태연 next upload will most likely be an animenz cover
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