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Depeche Mode 12 May 2009 Athens Concert,CANCELED!Translation from Greek

WATCH IN HD!!!! ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM GREEK: We have an announcement to make, Mr. (sorry but I didn't understand the full name! ) represents Depeche Mode right now on Terra Vibe. This is a really hard reality,that we must face calm, tonight's show is canceled,and now Mr. (---) will explain the reason, please be patience because this is serious. It was full will of the band to appear tonight but suddenly Dave Gahan , the singer of the band got sick. Dave Gahan wasn't feel well from the morning, he came to Terra Vibe in great mood to make it, our medical stuff met them backstage and there the doctors deside that he can't stay tonight, he can't be on stage and give 100% of he's self, actually from what the doctors said he went to the hospital. When he was leaving he really apologize to each one of us that we are here tonight,they really wanted to sing, You know the special connection of Dave with Greece,but it was impossible and he had to go on the hospital,it is really a hard moment for all of us, especially for you that we know how much you wanted to see them tonight. Is the true reality that Dave Gahan is patient he is at the hospital, we do every try to learn he's news, we'll keep the show up for tomorrow,(then she says to keep out tickets and learn from the media what will hapend) we are watching he's health and we are hoping to make the show tomorrow, we beg you for you understanding is actually a medical issue, we are hoping that it will be something that will pass and we are hoping that tomorrow we'll have the show here! (and again she says for the tickets!) A true sorry from Dave Gahan personally, from Depeche Mode and we waiting for you tomorrow. ---------------------------------------------------------------- After months waiting for the Depeche Mode concert in my country and knowing the connection of Dave Gahan with Greece, I was 100% that this would be one of the most amazing nights of my life! So after 3 hours I was on Terra Vibe and while Depeche Mode -as we all think- they were going on stage...We informed that show has been canceled and it's going to be tomorrow!The only thing that upsets me is the fact that some people allready knew from facebook that the show was going to be on 13 since Dave Gahan got sick and went to the hospital, the people on Terra Vibe didn't inform us about anything, they just only let us enter the concert area and waited to be almost to inform us! On the video some ppl are really upset,-personally I totally understand them!- but I'll be patience and hope to see them tomorrow... PS: I am really disapointed and hope Dave going to be ok tomorrow! Filakia! PS: (14.5.2009) 2 honors that I wish I never had with this vid! #93 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Israel #74 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Russia
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