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Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival [Part 1/2] (Full Arthur Episode)

Part 1: WATCHING Part 2: SUBTITLES/CC: On the YouTube video player, click the arrow button at the bottom right, then click the CC button. These were done by BBC (in 2001) so don't blame me for innaccuracies! Not a P&F video for once! So let me explain why I've uploaded this... First this episode of Arthur was uploaded (to YouTube), but it was in rubbish quality and cut off at the 5 minute mark. The next uploaded copy was good quality but it was a syndicated version with one of the songs missing. 1 week before this upload, it was uploaded uncut, but it's a 4:3 version letterboxed, so it's not displayed right. Now here's my version. But it's not perfect still. Read on if you want to know why... This was recorded from the CBBC Channel (in the UK), where they crop the top and bottom of the show slighty to make it 14:9, so a little of the image is missing. That's the only bad thing about this, everything is alright! If you want ALL of the image, the "letterboxed" version on YouTube has it all but obviously looks squashed. But it's all there! Also, this episode is available on DVD in America, so you could buy it on that as well! But I haven't got it, sorry. So enjoy! Whew, that was a lot of typing.
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