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Introducing - ticket scalping reimagined

How would you like to walk up to a concert or sporting event and instantly see what tickets are available on the secondary market (scalpers and fans selling tickets) right from your phone? Or when your friends bail on you at the last minute leaving you stuck with primo seats to sell, desperate buyers quickly find YOU via your mobile device? That's right, no more walking aimlessly through the parking lot with your fingers in the air, or hunting for people with cardboard "I've got tickets" signs. Stubly is the next evolution for buying and selling tickets onsite. Instead of searching blindly for good deals or scalpers, use Stubly to quickly locate tickets on the secondary market. Box office sold out? No problem, Stubly can help you quickly locate good tickets and their seller. And if you have tickets to sell, no matter if the event is sold out, or sparsely attended, someone is always seeking tickets. Stubly helps you find them -- and with NO SERVICE FEES (unlike many ticket "hubs"). Stubly quickly pulls up all concerts, sporting events, and theatre performances in your immediate area, and connects you with buyers and sellers. We take the existing marketplace, and make simplify it for you. Simply put, Stubly eliminates the pain of scalping for both the buyer and seller.
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