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Ohana TK 20CE tenor ukulele review I'm Steve Sellers for and this may be the best moderately priced tenor ukulele that you can buy, and I'm about to tell you why. This is the Ohana TK 20CE tenor ukulele. Ohana mean family in Hawaiian. Here's some of the great features of the Ohana TK 20CE. First of all, a solid mahogany top, beautiful and look at that nice red colored mahogany back, sides and nice white binding. This all mahogany ukulele harkens back to the glory days of the ukulele, the 20's and 30's when Gibson and Martin where making the mahogany ukes that are so sought after these days. Well I think this ukulele sounds just as good or better in some cases as some of those all-mahogany vintage ukuleles. This has a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Die cast geared tuners and they're chrome which is a great feature. They look so much better than the white button tuners that you see on most ukuleles. In an acoustic situation, let's say a ukulele jam, you're going to stand out beautifully because this Ohana uke has a terrific sound, as you'll hear. Kick in the Roland microcube amplifier with just a little bit of reverb and just listen... Now, the only thing that I would add to this particular ukulele is a tuner. It's got bass and treble controls but I would like a tuner. $250 its a great price for a great uke Ohana TK 20 CE now click the link below for more reviews on
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