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Selling Low Ticket or High Ticket Items Selling Low Ticket or High Ticket Items In this video The Make Money From Home Dad shows you why Selling low ticket items takes the same amount of effort as selling high ticket items. Once we realize this, we can start to 10X our money with the same amount of activities we are doing already. there is only a simple mind set shift that has to occur in order to make it happen. Selling high tickets products that cost thousands of dollars are not as difficult to sell than items that cost a few bucks! If you are interested in learning the How to's and the techniques on this, click on the link above to get you started learning this simple formula. Low ticket items are great and you need them in your business, because they are a great way to introduce people into the system, but you will want to learn the simple skills to have people realize that the real money they are looking for WILL be in the Higher Ticket products.
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