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"Blank Space" on Piano - Taylor Swift Instrumental Cover Video

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Sign up for my Become a Piano Superhuman online training course - It's still free: Piano Cover of "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift. This is an instrumental version, just piano. Get the SHEET MUSIC here: You can get the MP3 for this piano version for FREE here: If you like Taylor Swift's new song "Style" I did a.... creative... cover of it, you can find it here This is her second big song off of her album 1989, Shake it Off being the first one (you can see my video for Shake it Off here: ). And if you want to see my new Pop Mashup featuring Shake it Off you can click here: I really like her new album, it's her best in my opinion, although I like pop music better than country music so maybe that's why. She sings a lot more in the pop style in 1989 than in other albums. I think these work better on piano. Fun fact, I guess Taylor wrote Blank Space as a response to how the media was portraying her, thought that was interesting, found that here: If you are looking for an easy beginners piano tutorial for blank space you can find it here: And if you are looking for sheet music for Blank Space I'm sure you could find it somewhere on YouTube. Oh, and if you like T Swift, you might like Carrie Underwood too, here's a video of "Something in the Water" I just put up: ♫BECOME A PIANO SUPERHUMAN♫ ♫ SUBSCRIBE NOW ♫ ♫ CONNECT WITH ZACH EVANS ♫ Facebook ➤ Twitter ➤ Instagram ➤ Channel ➤ As always, feel free this version of Blank Space to use as an instrumental backing track for karaoke or whatever :) -Zach Evans Blank Space on piano - Instrumental Piano Cover
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