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WrestleMania 33 Arena - Let's Build the Seats! (Building A WWE Arena in Minecraft)

Our WWE WrestleMania 33 Arena is taking shape! In the last part we did a how to build an arena in minecraft setup, where we laid out the dimensions for our floor, started our stage and put the outter walls on the side! Now it's time to build our Seats in minecraft to hold the over 78,000 people that attended Wrestlemania the last time in Orlando, FL! If you're just coming back to Arena building, I highly suggest using carpet to build your wwe minecraft arena's this allows you to hide the light source, and still make fantastic designs! Just remember you can't lay a block right on top of carpet! Thanks for joining me on this part one in minecraft wwe, if you are new to the channel thank you. I encourage you to go back and see some of the things we've done in wwe minecraft. We've built some incredible things, at least by those standards back then! Full Wrestlecraft Playlist: This online server, was provided FREE by Creeper Host: It's time to build WWE WrestleMania 33 Arena thanks to Minecraft. This years creation, will be big, huge and represent the grander of WrestleMania. When you think of a WrestleMania arena, the spectacle, the enormous scale the show is produced on, it's crazy to even think about. We will have Pish Posh v2 who built the Fleur De Lis for our Wrestlemania 30 arena back! Follow my YouTube livestream page: Follow my Twitch livestream page: Subscribe to my 2nd Channel: "KING of TALKING STYLE" - T-Shirt: Wrestling Discussion Playlist: Follow Me on Twitter: Like Me on Facebook: Get a T-Shirt:
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