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Justin's deeds :)

This isn't a very good video but I just want to show everyone Justin's true colours. He is human at the end of the day and he is keeping to his humble nature. Justin was from a fairly poor home, he was brought up by a single mum in a small town (Stratford, Ontario, Canada) and they struggled a lot. He helped his mother by singing outside the Avon Theatre and busked for money. This video has clips which show a few of the many kind things Justin Bieber has done for people all around the world, at such a young age. I have listed more of his deeds below. - Visiting children's hospitals (ALL AROUND THE WORLD). - Donating $1 from every concert ticket sold to make a wish foundation. - Donating over one million dollars to Japan after the earthquake. - Cutting his hair for charity, and selling it on ebay for $40, 000. - Giving away free concert tickets/merchandise etc. - Making Avalanna Routh's dream come true, by "marrying her". - Meeting with kids with illnesses, such as Haley Okines, who suffers from Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome. - Meeting Jasmin Alvarez, a blind belieber who loves Justin for who he is, besides his looks. - Visiting cancer patients. - Believe charity drive - Helping Pencils of promise grow as a charity, the charity creates schools in less fortunate, and third world countries. The group was created by Adam Braun (Scooter Braun's brother - Justin's manager). - Promoting anti-bulling. - Taking the time out to explain why texting and driving is wrong and dangerous, (Helping families through this). - Helped support numerous cancer organisations - Urges fans to donate and to help others - For his birthday, he asked his fans to donate however much they can. That was what he asked for his birthday. Before you leave a hurtful comment, compare yourself to Justin. From such a young age, he has been for giving back.
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